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Let’s Sing Beethoven’s 9th Symphony~♪♪

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Let’s sing Beethoven’s 9th, a song that reminds us of the end of the year in Japan.

As the year’s end approaches, Beethoven’s Ninth Symphony is performed all over Japan. I don’t think there is any country that performs this song during a single time period as much as Japan does. Do you love this song and want to give it a try?

However, you might be thinking

“German pronunciation is so hard…”
“The 9th Symphony is too high for me!!”

or maybe even

“I’m in a choir but I don’t have enough time to practice and I can’t keep up”

I am a professional singer with experience teaching the 9th symphony and I sang it as a soprano last year! Please let me help!~

When it comes to practicing the 9th Symphony, any choir’s practice time is limited and there aren’t many chances to ask questions (even in the choir I’m leading >.<) Gain confidence in your performance of the 9th Symphony so that you can perform it in December!  Take pleasure in performing with an orchestra through working on your pronunciation, vocalization, singing style, and weak points! 

Möge die Freude dich erfüllen!!


We can use sheet music that you already own. I have the Kawai, Breitkopf, and Bärenreiter versions. Please tell me which version you are using when making the lesson request. 

English Translation: 1/02/2015 - The Cafetalk Team

Material: Textbook (第九楽譜(カワイ、Breitkopf、Bärenreiter))

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