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Phonics (7years old and up to15)

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English For Children Method Oriented Phonics

Learn phonics and improve your pronunciation! Phonics are known as the building blocks of English reading and writing.

A must for children who have just started English! It’s a wonderful method that will help make everything make sense!

Phonics specifies the regularities between spelling and pronunciation, and it’s one easy way to learn how to read correctly. It is taught both to children in English speaking countries and to foreigners learning how to read in English. 

Once you learn phonics, you can look at English vocabulary words and figure out how to sound it out without turning the pronunciation into “Katakana English.”

There are many rules to phonics, but first we will learn the contractions of each and every letter of the alphabet, and learn the rest of the rules later. You will learn to speak natural sounding English.

Once you learn the rules of each letter, you will be able to pronounce vocabulary words. Phonics must be studied continuously in order to be acquired, so please note that this course cannot be completed in one lesson.

what is this lesson like?
Alphabet 1 letter
3letter words-one vowel not at the end of a word such as sun, net, hat.
Silent"E"-two vowels in a word ending with the vowel"E" such as cake, tube, lake.
Vowel Digraphs-two different vowels together in a word such as boat, rain, tea.

There is a lot more that I haven’t listed above, but in general, we will learn vowels, then consonants, then finish with irregular rules. We will go through each and every step.

Getting guidance on pronunciation is one of the biggest strengths of online lessons. Time wise, correcting each and every student’s pronunciation is impossible at big English schools, so these lessons are still suitable for those already attending them.

Children who have good pronunciation also have an easier time understanding what they hear, while children who have difficulty with it will also have difficulty understanding what they hear. Since the two are so closely tied, once your child masters clear pronunciation, they will naturally begin to understand spoken English.

Phonics also improves children’s writing abilities.
Being conscious of the ties between letters and sounds saves children from the agony of just memorizing how to spell words.

*About the trial lesson*
For children’s lessons, I will do a 10 minute trial with the children and spend the remaining 5 minutes talking to the guardian.
Thank you very much.

English Translation: 12/3/2014 - The Cafetalk Team

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