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Business English

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English Business Job Interview Prep Interview Prep (for school or applications) Idioms

General Business English, Meeting Preparation, Interview Preparation or Presentation Preparation.

Do you need English at work?

With a global economy, English is a crucial tool to possess at the workplace. Whether you are sending emails, talking on the phone, attending conferences or using English in your workplace, this is the lesson for you.

What is your level?

This lesson is suitable for all levels, from elementary to advanced. The lesson will be catered to your level and will focus on areas that you want to improve. A text will be provided in each lesson and you will be able to review on your own.

What will this lesson cover?

  • Vocabulary

  • Discussion

  • Reading

  • Listening

  • Language Review

  • Communication Skills

  • Case Study 

  • Meeting Preparation

  • Interview Preparation


Besides teaching Business English since 2006, I have a minor in business studies from a 4 year university. I also have experience running and managing several businesses. I have worked in the corporate world as well as in the small business setting. My experience in Japan as well as in the US allows me to better understand the cultural differences in the workplace as well.

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