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Rosemary Session

30 Mins P 2,900
tutor_image Shizuku
Fortune Telling

Tarot Reading + Healing Through Sound

An original session for those of you who want to spend every day being creative! Using tarot reading and a variety of sounds (starting with the Irish harp) I will take a look at your current situation and help you relax.

This session is open to students who do not have a harp!

♪ Tarot Reading

I will do a tarot reading and give you advice on how to live your life creatively.


・Please begin by thinking of what questions you have.

(I will be interpreting cards and giving advice during this session. There are certain questions, including those that require a definite yes-no answer, and those concerning life and death, that I cannot accept. However, I may be able to rephrase the words, so please start by contacting me).

 ・I will take your questions and do a reading on your current situation, then give you advice.


♪ Healing Through Sound

・I will choose 3 magic cards with scales written on them

to decide what sound you need the most

Then using the Irish harp or another instrument, I will create a space filled with healing music.

Please enjoy the soothing moments of healing.

English Translation: 12/29/2014 - The Cafetalk Team

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