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Reading Practice

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Learn to read your favorite novels in English!

Do you enjoy reading books like Harry Potter, Howl's Moving Castle, Alice in Wonderland, The Hobbit, Little House on the Praire, Pride & Prejudice, etc.?

This class is for intermediate to advanced level students who want help reading in English. We will use excerpts from the books mentioned above and others.

In each class, I will give you a short excerpt from a novel. First we will go over new vocabulary, and then I will read the excerpt aloud for you. After hearing it once, I'll ask you to read it aloud, to practice your reading and pronunciation. Then we will have a discussion about it.

Through this activity you will learn a lot of new vocabulary,  gain confidence in your reading skills, and have fun reading parts of books you enjoy in English.

 *I will use excerpts from books I own, but if you have a special book request I may be able to purchase a copy to use.

Material: Other (excerpts of novels (小説の抜粋))

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