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Let's read Japanese Novels

50 Mins P 1,800 Trial 25 Mins P 500
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Shall we read Japanese novels? You can learn Japanese usage not only for reading but also for speaking.

The purpose of this lesson is "learning written and spoken Japanese". Novels have both very natural conversation and easily understandable text. You can learn both.

Additionally, if you can imagine Kanji writing in conversation immediately, you make great progress in speaking because Kanji gives meaning to sound.

This lesson is for the intermediate or the high level students.

I have a lot of short novels we can read in 50 minutes. Let me know your interest ( SF, mystery, classic, romance, etc.). I will send you materials before lessons.

If you want to read your book, please let me know the title, the auther, and the publisher of the book you want to read when you request a lesson. In 50 minutes we read a few pages deeply, so if you want to pick up a few pages please let me know those page numbers.  If you want to read a short novel, let me know not only the title of the story but also the book titile.

You can choose a translated novel from other languages.

Material: Flexible

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