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College Entrance Exam English

50 Mins P 1,600 Trial 25 Mins P 500
tutor_image mumusuke (Aya.O)
High School

Having trouble with English? Ask me anything.

Entrance exam English is hard! You have to worry about everything from basic grammar to long reading comprehension texts. There are many reasons people have trouble with long texts. Some can't read each and every sentence in its entirety and some can't grasp the flow of the sentences. In this lesson, we will figure out why you're having trouble and find a study method to combat that. We will also practice reading comprehension thoroughly.

We wil use a specific university's past tests or the center exam's past tests. If you have your own problem sets, or a school's problem sets, we can use those as well. However, if it's not something that's on the market, please scan it and let me take a look at it before the lesson. If you're not sure what to study from, please request a trial lesson first. 

Material: Flexible

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