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Let's read: You decide!

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tutor_image Michael G
English Reading Vocabulary Speaking

Work with an expert in Literature and Creative Writing reading anything that you like or have a passion for!

This lesson can be catered to any level, all you need is a passion and interest in reading. I have spent my entire life reading books, articles and newspapers of all levels as well as studying a variety of literary at all levels in the UK: from Virginia Wolff to Charles Dickens, Twain to Faulkner, science fiction or non fiction...I love them all! I have also been lucky enough to have worked with famous Literature academics and been lectured by scholars who have written introductions to many classic novels and published their own critically acclaimed novels.

I honestly believe that reading is the best way to improve all aspects of your English. It will assist you greatly in understanding vocabulary and grammar whilst also teaching you of the culture from where the author originates.  

I look forward to reading with you! 

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