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THE FRENCH DICTATION ! How to improve your French as French school students.

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French Method Oriented Dictation Idioms Grammar

A TOUGH exercise for powerful results ! Not recommended for beginners !

The French dictation...

When i was at school i went through this exercice a lot of time and it allowed me to acquire a solid grammar and spelling. Knowing that this is a difficult exercise for beginners, I recommend it for people with intermediate or advanced level.


What I propose to you is to work on your grammar and your spelling by writing a text that I will dictate. I will repeat the text 3 times:

  1. First, a slow reading without pause to read the text

  2. Secondly, a reading with pauses to give you the time to write

  3. And a final quick reading so that you check nothing is missing.

Then I will correct your mistakes and explain the meaning of the words that you would not have necessarily understood. Dictation is a demanding exercise but it can allow you to make a big leap in your learning.

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