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tutor_image Florent G
French Method Oriented Repeating Shadowing Idioms

Say goodbye to the lack of vocabulary with my secret method... Suited for all levels.

The major difficulty for language learners is the lack of vocabulary.
Learning words is to understand their meaning and how to use them in a sentence. It is to be able to represent what they mean in one's mind.


To work on your vocabulary, I will use a simple method: the method of associations.

I'll show you a word of vocabulary and then an image or make you listen to a sound that will allow you to guess its meaning.

Then I will ask you to use the word in one or more sentences so that you can understand all the potential uses of this word. The goal is that you learn French as if you were a child, that is, intuitively.

You can get shorter or longer lessons by sending me a message. Generally, 30-minute lessons are available through instant requests. 
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