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Destination : FLUENT FRENCH ! (Intermediate and advanced levels welcome !)

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tutor_image Florent G
French Idioms Grammar Listening Vocabulary

I will correct ALL OF YOUR MISTAKES while we're talking.

This lesson follows the following thread :

  1. We have together a 10-minute talk (or even longer) about an easy topic (during the first class, i would have chosen it. For example : French cooking or cooking from your country, weather, travels... For the next time it will be your turn to choose one. Be creative ! :) )

  2. While talking, i notice your mistakes.

  3. Once our conversation is over, i correct your mistakes by explaining the grammar and vocabulary notions related with it. If we don't have the time to finish the explanations, I will text you after the lesson to explain and correct the remaining errors.

  4. I give you some expressions and vocabulary to enrich your lexicon.

  5. If you choose to continue with me, you will have to write a 30-line text using the learned notions in order to sum up the conversation we had. I will correct your work during the next lesson.

You can get shorter or longer lessons by sending me a message. Generally, 30-minute lessons are available through instant requests. 

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