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Ways to cook

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We cook food in different ways like boiling, frying, steaming, etc. using fire or heat.

This lesson is intended to familiarize students with ways of cooking in the English vocabulary.  It is important to know the words because there are regular English conversations that will often involve topics about food and how they are cooked.

People use fire or heat to cook food like meat products, seafood and vegetables.  There are many ways how we cook these foods.  There are also many things we use to cook them and not necessarily directly over fire or heat.  Let's talk about the different ways in cooking food and the reasons they should be cooked in those ways.

Reasons in adjusting the flames or heat are also important and also the appropriate time to cook them.  Cooking vessels are also important because they are used for some recipes that needs to be cooked in a certain manner.

Cooking equipment like electric stove and oven, microwave and gas stoves are common in households.  Many still use charcoal, coal or firewood like for barbecue and grilling because of the unique flavor that they can give.

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