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UNLIMITED lessons (30 & 60 minutes) 30 Days

60 Mins P 22,500
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Take all the classes you want in a month (30 days) and learn Spanish quickly at the best price. You can take any lesson for 30 or 60 minutes. Practice free conversation, grammar, exercises, etc.


Unlimited class package


This package is for serious students who want to:

  • Learn Spanish deeply.

  • Learn basic Spanish in a short time to travel to some country.

  • Advance to the next level.

  • Submit a DELE exam or other test.

  • Practice conversation so as not to forget Spanish and learn about Hispanic culture.

With this package you can take any lesson from my lesson list.


How does it work:


  1. Request this class and book the first lesson.

  2. I will send you 29 coupons of 100%.

  3. Book any 30 or 60 minutes lesson using coupons.

  4. It is not necessary to take 30 lessons.

What are we going to do in class?


  • Study Spanish with exercises, readings, conversation, audios and more.

  • Everyone can take this package. From beginners to advanced.

  • We can work with your goals such as: travel, business, etc.


  • You cannot take more than 1 lesson a day. (Local student schedule)

  • The duration of the package is only 30 days from the first class.

  • There is no discount coupon for this package.

  • Does not include feedback.

If you have any questions, please write me and I can gladly help you.
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