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"Real Life English" (Bank, Pharmacy, Doctor's Office)

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tutor_image Lady Ayame
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Did you want to learn about vocabulary going to real-life situations? Let's pretend to visit a restaurant, pharmacy, bank, doctor's visit, shopping, traveling, etc.


Welcome to my lesson description of "Real Life English!" This lesson is perfect for you if would like to learn vocabulary and dialog from real-life situations. Do you know the English terminology if you go to a bank? How about a pharmacy?

Maybe this lesson will be helpful to you if you have to visit any of these places. 
Do you know how to visit some of these places in your travel destinations? Or perhaps you are living abroad for your husband's work, studying, or simply traveling!

Please know that this is a "text-based" lesson with a worksheet provided for the lesson. The first 25 minutes of the "Real Life English" lesson will consist of learning the vocabulary to visit real-life places. As an added bonus, I will provide grammar exercises for the remaining 1/2 (20 minutes) of the lesson. We will complete the worksheet together during the lesson.

If you anticipate going to any of these "real life" situations abroad, maybe you would like to brush up on what to say and how to say it in these particular situations. The worksheet includes simulated dialog pertaining to each situation.

[*Please choose 4 topics from the list below.]  

1.) shopping
2.) traveling
3.) restaurant
4.) pharmacy
5.) bank
6.) post office
7.) doctor's visit

Please choose 4 topics above that sound interesting and helpful to you. This lesson includes 4 x 45-minute lessons.

Value Discount Pack includes 4 x 45-minute lessons. It is 1,800 points for each 45-minute lesson ( = 7,200). However, I will provide 4 lessons in the Value Discount Pack for 6,400 points in total. (Save 800 points total!) 

PS: Fortunately, I have many regular students and I spend most of my time actually teaching online on Skype. I'm very sorry but I don't usually provide written Feedback after the lesson. If you would like to receive Feedback, please let me know in advance. 

These lessons are interesting and fun if you want to learn vocabulary and grammar for particular real-life situations. I hope this lesson sounds interesting if you are planning to travel abroad to an English-speaking country or already live there. Hope to see you soon!

Warmest regards,

Lady Ayame

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