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【Optional】Homework for English or Japanese Lesson

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Those who have taken my English or Japanese lesson, and would like to have some homework, this is the optional lesson for you.

This is the lesson for homework, assignment of
the following lesson.

◎さくっと25分! 学びなおし英語

◎英語の語順を体得する 英作文トレーニング

◎英語的な発想を体得する 英作文トレーニング



◎English Lesson from the Language school

◎にほんご レッスン

◎NIHONGO Grammar Elementary (JLPT N4/N5 Level)

◎日本語 初中級 文法 (JLPT N2/N3)

【Who is availble to take this lesson?】
Students who took the lessons above from the 
booking day of this lesson to a week a go.

【What will you be able to do after this lesson?】
You will be able to have a better understanding of the topic
you learned from the previous lesson.

【How to book and complete the lesson】
1. book the lesson.
2. In 48 hours (2days), the tutor sends an assignment 
   related to the lesson you took.
3. Hand in the assignments in 72 hours (3days)
   after the teacher sent it.
4. In 48 hours (2days) after handing in the assignment, 
    the tutor send you feedback. At this time, the lesson is complete.

【About assignment】
◎A4 sheet size
◎The tutor think the original assignment one by one, according to 
   each lesson a student took.

*When the assignment aren't handed in the due date,
  this lesson close, but the 100 % fee will be charged
  due to the preparation.

The 50 % of the fee will be charged
  when you cancel the lesson before the tutor send the assignment.
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