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Easy Reading Series ("Great Expectations") 5-Lesson Value Pack

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Are you interested in reading English books? Are you afraid of reading but want to try? This class is for upper-beginners and intermediate English learners. Let's discover the timeless words in Charles Dicken's book, "Great Expectations!"

Dear Cafetalk Community,

This lesson is primarily focused on reading an English book. We will read a short book together called "Great Expectations"  over five lessons. You do not have to prepare for anything outside of the class time. Just come to the lesson prepared to have a pleasant time reading a great classic English story.

This is a 5-Lesson series where we will read two chapters during each 50-minute lesson. Each book has approximately 10 chapters in total. (2 Chapters x 5 lessons = 10 Chapter Book). That means you get 5-Lessons for the price of 4! One lesson is free!

(*Reading Materials are Provided)

[Lesson's Goal:]
This lesson is intended to enhance your English reading skills. If reading is one of your weaker skills or if you simply love reading in English, this value pack is perfect for you! 

[Reading Level:]
This lesson is suitable for upper-beginning to intermediate English readers. "Great Expectations" is normally required-reading in primary and secondary schools in North America/Great Britain and it is a beloved story around the world.

[Introducing a classic English book:]
"Great Expectations" by Charles Dickens

[Summary of "Great Expectations"]

"Pip lives with his sister and her husband, Joe Gargery, the village blacksmith. Then, he discovers that someone has given him a large fortune and his life changes. Pip moves to London and learns how to live like a gentleman. Can he win the love of the cold but beautiful Estella? And who is the person behind Pip's 'great expectations'?
(Scholastic Book - Back Cover)

[The photographs are from the movie, "Great Expectations"]

Please consider reading this classic memorable book aloud with me. I can read the book first and then you can shadow me, or you can read it by yourself if you feel comfortable. Also, I can help you correct your pronunciation while we read. There are many vocabulary words that you can learn in the context of the story. If you don't understand any words or phrases, I will be happy to explain them to you. 

Looking forward to meeting you or seeing you again! Have a wonderful day!

Warmest regards,

Lady Ayame
(Patricia Ayame Thomson)

Material: Other (Copy of the book )
Lesson Pack Details:
This is a 5-lesson pack. You will be issued 5 free coupons when your first lesson is confirmed by the tutor so you can request the remaining lessons. Please note that all requests related to this pack must be taken within 60 days of the confirmation date.

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