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Conversation with Brian 50 min

50 Mins P 15,000
tutor_image Brian R.
English Listening Speaking

Let's practice conversation to speak like natives!

Hello! Let's practice and improve your English conversation together! Save 4000 points with 10 lessons!

These lessons are good for any level. Beginners welcome!

In this lesson we can:

  • Talk about anything you want, like life, work, hobbies, travel or studying English!

  • Choose a topic together and practice having a discussion about a big topic, like politics or a world issue.

  • Share opinions and ideas

  • Improve vocabulary, grammar, listening, and speaking skills

There is a review after each lesson!
I will send you feedback after each lesson on your speaking and listening performance, and also vocabulary from our conversation!

I'm looking forward to having a great time talking to you! See you soon!
Material: Flexible
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This is a 10-lesson pack. You will be issued 10 free coupons when your first lesson is confirmed by the tutor so you can request the remaining lessons. Please note that all requests related to this pack must be taken within 60 days of the confirmation date.

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