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[New] Let's Watch a Video!

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English Idioms Listening Writing

Good for listening, writing and learning natural English expressions!

In this lesson, you will:

1. Watch a video
2. Answer 3-5 questions about the video

After you answer the questions, I will:

1. Check if you answered the questions correctly
2. Correct your grammar/writing
3. Provide you with reasons why your writing was incorrect
4. Give you natural English expressions to use in the future
5. Answer any questions that you have

If you want to take a Skype lesson to talk about the video:

1. Please let me know that you want to take a Skype lesson
2. I will send you a 25% off coupon for a Daily Conversation lesson

This lesson is a great way to improve your overall English ability and it is fun!

I will send you a short 3-5 minute video to watch from YouTube or TED.

I usually recommend an interview style video, so that you can see how native English speakers hold a conversation. These videos will include a lot of natural English expressions, so they are good for students of any level. 

If you want more of a challenge, I will send you more of an academic style video. These videos are great for students who are going to take an English proficiency exam, like IELTS, TOEFL or TOEIC.

I'm more than happy to find a video that will suit your needs. If you have a special request, just let me know!

In addition, you will always have this lesson to reference in the future. You can always go back and watch the video after the lesson is over and see if you can answer the questions better!

I think this is a tremendously valuable lesson for students!
- improve your listening
- improve your writing
- by improving your writing, you are improving your speaking
- improve your grammar
- learn new idioms, vocabulary and natural expressions

If you have any questions about this lesson, please let me know :)

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