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Spanish: Beginner / Pre-Intermediate Level

25 Mins P 1,300
tutor_image Veronika T
Spanish Good for beginners Pronunciation Grammar Listening

Spanish for beginners!


Learn basic Spanish and have some fun!

You can choose a topic for the class (e.g. saying hello, basic questions, introducing yourself, the alphabet and pronunciation, numbers, country vs. nationality, professions, description of persons, objects in the classroom, colors, hobbies, your free time, clothes, food, in a restaurant / in a bar, my house / apartment, ask for / give directions, travelling, plans,time, daily routine, numbers, weather, country vs. nationality, professions and job offers, description of persons and objects, hobbies, your free time, family relations, clothes, food, in a restaurant / in a bar, cooking / recipes, writing emails / postcards, my house / apartment, ask for / give directions, in the city, travelling, booking a hotel room, how to buy transport / theater / cinema tickets, plans, congatulating / inviting someone to an event, shopping, past events and travels, life of a person, health, etc. ) 

I will provide all materials OR we can work with your materials if you like!

Classes can focus on reading, pronunciation, grammar, vocabulary, speaking - all depending on your preferences.
Material: Flexible

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