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For Kids - Story Time!

30 Mins P 2,000 Trial 15 Mins P 200
tutor_image Conor M
English For Children Pre-Schoolers Primary Schoolers Reading to Children

A fun and energetic lesson with a short story and some follow-up activities!

In this short, action-packed lesson, we read a short story and work through some basic questions about the text and its meaning. 

This lesson is perfect for working on a child's reading, listening and speaking skills. Reading is a skill that is developed over time, and, with practice, we can learn correct pronunciation, breathing, speaking correctly and clearly and with a broad series of subjects.

The list of books is set at different levels and age groups, as not all subjects are suitable for students of all ages. When choosing the lesson, write the desired story in the message and I'll prepare everything! Or, if you have a particular book you'd like to study, let me know and I'll prepare it!

Looking forward to seeing you soon!
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