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Business English: Upper Intermediate/Advanced (50 Minutes)

50 Mins P 2,100
tutor_image Sara.TEFL
English Business Negotiation Customer Service

Help your small talk, negotiations and meetings run more smoothly with upper intermediate business English!

An upper-intermediate business English course covering the following topics:
1. Small Talk
2. Cultural Knowledge
3. Sharing Your Views
4. Customer Service
5. Problem Solving
6. Stress Relief
7. Writing Emails
8. Networking
and many more!

Each topic will take between two and three sessions, depending on the session length you choose (50 minute or 25 minute sessions).

Activities include role-plays, listening and reading, as well as plenty of speaking practice.

Please feel free to book a trial session if you have questions you would like to ask, or would like to see some sample materials. 

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