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Annual Pack (12 lessons)

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English Good for beginners Pronunciation Idioms Grammar

12 25-minute conversation lessons. Includes bonus materials!

To provide students with even more value, I am now offering annual memberships!

What is an annual membership?

An annual membership is a set of lessons that are good for 12 months. You can sign up for the membership at anytime and the lesson coupons will be good for 365 days. You can use the coupons in 12 days, 12 months, or whenever is convenient for you.

What do members receive?

  • Members will receive heavily discounted lessons.

  • Members will also receive a monthly study guide. 

What is a study guide?

Each month, I will send members a study guide that includes:

  •  vocabulary

  •  idioms

  •  useful phrases

  •  example sentences

  •  grammar points

I will send you the study guide as soon as you sign up and then you will receive one at the beginning of each month!

The study guide is a great tool for you to study English on your own time. We can also use the study guide in the lessons for practice and review.

Please let me know if you have any questions about becoming a member. I hope to see you in a lesson soon!

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