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All about K-pop

20 Mins P 800 Trial 10 Mins P 300
tutor_image Jiyoung Lim
Korean Primary Schoolers Speaking Songs

Is there any lyrics that you want to know? Anything you want to know about K-pop culture?

Are you a huge fan of the K-pop? Or just interested in? BTS?

Let's talk about all the things about K-pop! I can surely say that I was a huge fan of the K-pop idols for a loooong time haha. So there's lots of things we can talk about this area.

*Orignally, this class is translate and sing K-pop together! But if you just want to talk about K-pop, K-pop culture, it's totally fine.

*Suggest me what music you want to learn at least 2days before class starts.

(I have to get ready for class.)
(If you don’t have any specific music in mind, I can recommend some indie or my favourite Idol Kpops)

*  You can choose what language you want to use during the class. (Korean / English)

*  As a feedback, translated lyrics will be given!

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