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La leçon - The lesson (1h)

55 Mins P 2,100
tutor_image Claire
French Good for beginners Pronunciation Method Oriented Grammar

Let's learn French in a structured way with the help of textbooks materials.

In this course, I will help you to learn French in a structured way.

Every lesson has a different goal in order to keep things interesting. For exemple,  introducing yourself or asking someone about their week-end.
Great to learn grammar, vocabulary and have a good prononciation from the beginning while practicing conversationnal French.

Of course, the focus is on speaking but you will also learn a lot of new words and expressions thanks to texts and exercices.

If you :

- want to learn or improve fast
- be able to talk about everyday life subjects
- need  guidance and structure to be efficient

I recommend this lesson !
Material: Flexible

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