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"American Christmas: Song, Traditions, and Vocabularies"

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In your country, have you ever wondered what Christmas is really about? Has the Christmas celebration simply become an excuse to have a party and exchange gifts? Then, this the lesson for you!

Dear Cafetalk Community,

Happy December! Wishing you a Merry Christmas and a Happy Holiday Season to you and your family!

[The Real Meaning of Christmas]

In your country, have you ever wondered what Christmas is really about?

As an English-learner, I believe you should become familiar with the Christmas traditions practiced in the Western hemisphere. I believe Christmas is one of the most important holidays in English-speaking countries and it would be beneficial for you to know the traditions, songs, and vocabularies that this lesson offers.

There are holiday-specific Christmas vocabulary words that might be useful and worth learning during Christmas time. For example, if you’re traveling abroad in December or entertaining foreign guests, it’s important to know the fundamentals about what Christmas really means. Also, you might be the type of person who is interested in learning about other cultures and customs in foreign countries.


I think you will find the Christmas tradition, history, and vocabulary fascinating to learn -- especially if the information is new to you. It is evident that Christmas has a long history since the 4th Century. However, the beautiful reason why we celebrate Christmas has been overshadowed by materialism over time.

[*Note:] This lesson is about traditional American Christmas celebrations. Although it is a fact that Christmas is to honor the birth of Jesus Christ, this lesson is not necessarily about religion.

[Lesson Plan:]

“Christmas: Songs, Traditions, & Vocabularies” Lesson

1. Before the lesson, I will have you watch two Youtube videos of the songs, “The Christmas Song” and “Rudolph the Red-nosed Reindeer.” I am using a couple of English songs to teach the various aspects related to Christmas in the US and Canada.

For example, “The Christmas Song” best describes the various elements of Christmas. I’m sure you’ve heard this song before, but do you know the lyrics? Let’s learn it together!


2. Next, I will email you a worksheet with the descriptions focusing on the various Christmas traditions, songs, and vocabulary words. The worksheet is adorned with beautiful photographs to serve as visual aids.

[2nd half of the lesson]

3. After I teach you about the customs, feasts, and vocabularies associated with Christmas on the worksheet, I will give you a short quiz to make sure you understood the explanations correctly.

[My Background:]

I have lived in Japan, the United States (the longest in Los Angeles, CA) and now I live in Canada. I am extremely familiar with the cultures and customs of all holidays, but especially Christmas since it is my favorite time of year. I would love to share my first-hand knowledge with you!

Have a wonderful holiday season! See you soon!

Warmest regards,

Lady Ayame

(Patricia Ayame Thomson)


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