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English Listening Practice for Beginners - Eiken Grades 4-5

25 Mins P 1,000
tutor_image Audrey オードリー
English Good for beginners Test Prep Eiken

This lesson is designed to help beginner students (adults and kids) practice their listening skills. It will help students who are taking the Eiken Grade 4 and 5 tests.

In this lesson, we will do listening practice together. I will read a short paragraph (1-3 sentences), and ask you a question.


I will read , "First I saw the white bear, then I saw the black.  Then I saw the camel with a hump upon his back."

Then I will ask you, "What colours were the 2 bears?"

It is easy, isn't it?

We will also practice vocabulary and grammar. 


I will read, "My brother likes sports.  He can ____ very fast." 

A. run  B. sleep  C. open  4.  Listen

Note: These 2 examples are Eiken grade 5 level. 

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