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Dear Diary... (with 25-minute Skype class)

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Practice your writing skills with a personal English diary!

Writing is an excellent way to strengthen your language skills. For this lesson, you will write a diary before class (200 words or less). You may write about anything you want. Maybe you had a fun vacation recently. Or perhaps you had a great day shopping with your friends. Or maybe you had a terrible day at work! Any topic is fine!

Then, in class, we will read and discuss your diary entry together. I will help you correct any errors in spelling and grammar. I will also help you make your sentences more natural, and I will show you how to use new expressions, idioms, or vocabulary words to make your text even better. This is a 25-minute class. You may send your document to me before class, or you can simply bring your text to class.

Don't have a time for a 25-minute class? No problem! There is a version of this lesson *without* a Skype class: "Dear Diary... (no lesson)". In this case, you can send me your text on Cafetalk, and I will simply proofread it. I will put my comments and corrections in different colors so you can see my corrections clearly. Then I will send the document back to you.


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