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Japanese Good for beginners Pronunciation Method Oriented Grammar

Free consultation to create your own lesson course

Free consultation for Japanese learners by a native Japanese speaker. 

This is a free consultation where we both talk each other and find your ideal lesson plans to improve your Japanese skills.


  1. Introduction

  2. Objective

    1. motive/objective for your Japanese study

  3. Current Japanese skills

    1. certification / experience

    2. history of your study

    3. your difficulty and facility on Japanese

  4. Your attitude/style of leaning Japanese

    1. how/where you study

    2. short/mid/long plans (if any)

  5. Recommended material and method

    1. recommended material / app / method / contents

  6. Proposal of a lesson course

    1. classes and homework

    2. frequency and time

    3. required material (if needed)

    4. fees

  7. Making of the lesson course

    1. Guidance of the first class


35 minutes(overtime would be appreciated)

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Material: Flexible

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