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Dekiru Korean (+homework)

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tutor_image Min Choi
Korean Good for beginners Grammar Reading

(+homework) Dekiru Korean textbooks, 4 skills (listening, speaking, reading, writing)

You can choose one out of the
 three levels above. 
(These links are only for your information, not a commercial purpose.)

You can buy the textbook here. ▼

beginner 1: http://amzn.asia/d/7YZTXCp

beginner 2: http://amzn.asia/d/eI9Zi7T

intermediate/advanced: http://amzn.asia/d/eaQ9Tm2

You can see the table of contents here. ▼ (Make sure you check your level.) 

beginner 1: https://www.shin-gogaku.com/shinokubo/movkoza-15.html

beginner 2: https://www.shin-gogaku.com/shinokubo/movkoza-12.html

intermediate/advanced: https://www.shin-gogaku.com/shinokubo/movkoza-13.html

All level learners can take this class!

It is for all  4 skills.

(Listening, Speaking, Reading, Writing)

  The book has detailed explanationand plentiful examples.


If you don’t have a textbook, I will provide a supplemental worksheet. 

■ Homework Example

① You will record your essay or a dialogue and get feedback on errors & tutor’s recording.

② You will write sentences or an essay, and your writing will be edited with comments. 

③ You will have a review test, and it will be graded with comments. 
(*After your lesson finishes, you can submit your homework whenever you want, and I  will get back to you within 24 hours.)


I'll see you in class! 수업에서 봐요!

Material: Textbook (できる韓国語)

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