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【Piano Lessons for Experienced Players, standard-type】

45 Mins P 2,900 Trial 20 Mins P 1000
tutor_image 伊藤康博(パパさんpianist)

If you want to take some drop in piano lessons or master a new song, start here!

We recommend taking these lessons at least twice a month for the best results. If you plan on doing so, please let us know beforehand and we will issue you a coupon for the second lesson onwards.

Did you learn piano as a child? Regret quitting? Now's your chance to start playing again!

To read student reporter Kanon’s blog about our lessons, please click here (Japanese Only)
To read student reporter Soramin’s blog about our lessons, please click here (Japanese Only)

We specialize in classical music, but can accomodate any genre.
If you would like to take lessons in a genre that is not classical, please send sheet music beforehand so that the lesson runs more smoothly.

Please note that this lesson may range from about 40 minutes to a maximum of 50 minutes long (if there is more than one student, we can also contact you from another account).

You will need to provide your own sheet music. Please take a look at the items below before making a request.

・Is the student a child or a general user? ※if the student is a child, please include age and grade
・Piano experience (ex. complete beginner, learned in elementary school)
・Musical selection for the first lesson (for students who have already been learning piano)
※I may ask you send a PDF or photo of the sheet music beforehand

When making a request, please list as many time slots as you can (our schedules are limited so please request lessons as early as possible).

※We update our availabilities as frequently as we can, but it is still possible to make a request outside of the timetable. If you would like to request an alternate time, please contact us.

Please understand that detailed finger movements might appear blurry depending on your computer and connection (please check during the trial lesson).

English Translation: 12/11/2014 - The Cafetalk Team   

Material: Flexible

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