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【For Kids】Easy Arts and Crafts Lesson!

60 Mins P 3,200 Trial 25 Mins P 500
tutor_image Sachi Ikeda
Art for kids

Draw and make easy works of art! This is an hour-long art lesson for children!

I wanna make something like this!
I want to draw something like this!

I will listen to children’s any wish, and will help them create their works of art!

(This is a crayon drawing of a dinosaur. By layering different colors, you can create unique and beautiful colors!)

You can ask me for any advice, for example, how to draw any animals or landscapes of specific seasons. I will draw upon all of my knowledge to help you create your own works of art!
Even if you do not have any ideas about what to make or draw in this lesson, I can give you some suggestions by showing my works of art! 

(↑A collage of a Christmas tree♫)

【Lesson Applicable to】
Any children aged between 1-year old and 12-year old.

※ If you are a first-time student, please request my trial lesson first.


For those students who want to draw in this lesson, I will teach you the materials, tools, and techniques that you will find useful to depict your feeling toward the subject matter. 


For those who want to make some crafts, I will plan step by step, how to make a piece without making children use any needles and knives.
If you want to make any three-dimensional sculpture, almost any materials can be used to create your sculpture! I will usually recommend students to use fabrics and strings, sheets of aluminum foil, some found objects including leaves and stones because those are the materials which I am most familiar with using.

I hope to see you in my lesson! :)


【 Cafetalk Translation / December 2018 】
Material: Original Material

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