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What You See in Your Face? Draw Your Self-Portrait!

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tutor_image Sachi Ikeda
Drawing And Painting

By touching and look into a mirror, find all the “secrets” hidden in your face! Once you find them, you will draw the best self-portrait ever in your life! ♫

It is popular to paint a human portrait in schools, or in the art market.

It is actually…
difficult to paint a human face!
”I am not good at painting a face of someone…”
How many of you think that way?

I know how hard it feels to paint a human face, especially when you are asked to make your painting actually look like the person who sits in front of you!

However, once you understand the simple components of human faces and bodies, you will find it easy to draw a human portrait!!
For example, a nose in the middle, a pair of eyes, eyebrows, cheeks, and ears…are the shared features in a human face.

In this lesson, we will pay close attention to those components that make human faces!

First, by looking into a minor and touching your face, we will closely observe your face.
Is your face exactly the same with what you imagine?
Some students discovered that their cheeks are actually plumper than they imagined. Some people may discover that they actually have two hair swirls!

I am sure that you will find new discoveries about your face! ☺

For those who are quite experienced in painting human portraits, but
hoping to improve your skill of drawing human portraits,
I suggest you to try shading and coloring your portrait!

Wrinkles on your clothes, what your hairstyle express, tear that films the surface of your eyes…You can find many different textures in a human face.
If you learn how to differentiate those textures when your draw, you will become able to draw individual human more realistically as a whole!
I would like to know which materials you would like to use to draw your self-portrait. You can choose from colored pencils, watercolor, pens, and pencils.

【Lesson Applicable to】
・Primary school~ High school students, and adults

【Need to Prepare】
・A mirror that free stands on the table
・A sheet of drawing paper (A4-sized or bigger)
・Pencils and an eraser
・A set of colored pencils

I offer a trial, so please do not hesitate to request this lesson! I am looking forward to seeing you!


【 Cafetalk Translation / January 2019 】
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