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Weekend Diary

25 Mins P 1,000
tutor_image Audrey オードリー
English Vocabulary Speaking Writing

Practice your writing and speaking skills

This lesson is a good opportunity to practice your writing and speaking skills.


Before the lesson, please write a diary of what you did last weekend, and send it to me before the lesson.  Please write about 200-250 words.


Who - who you spent the weekend with.

What - what you did.

Where - where you went.

When - Saturday?  Sunday?  Morning / afternoon / evening?

How - if you went somewhere, did you take the train, drive..?


During the lesson, you can read out the diary, and I will correct your pronunciation.  If you are comfortable, you can add more details.


*If you want to talk about a previous trip, that's okay too.


A detailed review including grammar correction will be provided after the lesson.

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