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English "Listening" Exercise

30 Mins P 1,200
tutor_image Lady Ayame
English Listening Vocabulary Speaking

Do you want to check your level of "listening" skills? This is the right lesson for you!

Dear Cafetalk Community,


thank you for your interest in this lesson. This lesson is aimed to improve your English listening skills. Have you ever wondered how good your listening skills are? Often times, you might not understand or miss what a native English-speaker is saying.


Why don't you challenge yourself to this lesson to see how much you can understand the dialog from a casual conversation that I will read aloud. The narration is followed by questions to test how much you have actually heard.


Sound interesting? Want to improve your listening skills? I'll give you some great hints as to how you can develop and improve your listening skills. This is a fun and interactive class where I give you feedback in the session.


If you are interested, please request a lesson. I think you'll have fun while testing how much you can listen and comprehend Engliish. Why not give it a try? It will be nice to see you!


[*Disclaimer:] I may not be able to always supply written feedback. If you particularly want to receive my feedback, please ask me. I'm really sorry about this but fortunately the number of my students are expanding exponentially and my time is occupied teaching on Skype. I would sincerely appreciate your understanding.


Thank you for your interest. I am a gentle, fun, and caring English tutor and I would like the opportunity to meet you and talk with you!


Warmest regards,


Lady Ayame


(Patricia Ayame Thomson)

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