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Tarot Reading

15 Mins P 1,100
tutor_image Sarah L.D.
Fortune Telling

The cards want to meet you

What this lesson is: A tarot reading can tell you many things. Been wondering about something? The possibilities of how something will turn out? The cards may be able to help.They won't tell you what WILL happen but the things that could happen if you follow the right path, or what to avoid.


What you will recieve: A 15 minute call on Skype to discuss your situation and/or question. If you prefer this can be done by text with a photo, instead. This time limit is not for the reading itself. The reading I will do afterwards, you do not need to be present for this. There is NO time limit on how long I will read them. I will spend as long as I need to until they have told me all there is to say. You will recieve a photograph of the spread as well as my full analasis of it.


Note: I do not use traditional spreads. The cards speak to me in their own way and I lay them as they tell me to.


I look forward to hearing from you.
Material: Flexible

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