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Counseling Session

15 Mins P 300
tutor_image Hyunji Summer Song

Counseling session for Korean or Japanese study, studying abroad to Japanese university, Chinese study and what it's like to live in other countries etc.

Counseling Session

① I can help you how and where to start studying Korean or Japanese. You can also inquire studying abroad to Japan. I can also give some advice on studying in China and what it is like to be living in other countries. 
※Here is my counseling session. This is not the level test session for studying Japanese, Korean, Freetalk. 
② The session is conducted by Skype call (no camera) 
③ The session time is 15 minutes but can be flexible 
④ If you request my other lesson after the counseling session, I will provide coupons (300 points)

Counseling Area
Studying in Japanese Univeristy
Studying abroad to Japan
Studying abroad to China
What it is like to be living in Korea
How to be influent in both Japanese and Chinese
What it is like to be working in Japan
What it is like to be working in Korea
How to study JLPT
How to study EJU 

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