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【For Kids】Observe, Discover and Report!

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tutor_image Sachi Ikeda
Art for kids

Choose and observe an ordinary item that you see in your daily life. How does it feel? Can you dissect it into pieces? You can eat and give a comment like a TV reporter, only if your chosen item is edible! Activate all five senses and discover.

In this lesson, you choose one item from any goods that you see or what you often eat in your daily life, and have close observation of it.

Why is this good shaped like this?

What is this made of?

By smelling, listening to, and dissecting it …in the end you will make an observation report of your chosen item! ♫
Discover what you are not aware of!

●For example, you can observe a paper bag, a box of tissue, or any candy.

●For what purpose you use that item? How does it feel and smell? Activate all five senses and observe your chosen item closely.

●After your observation, we will draw a sketch of your chosen item on a drawing paper. Remember what you discovered in the observation and reflect your discoveries in your drawing!

●Once you are almost done with your drawing, write down your discoveries about your chosen item in the blank space of your drawing paper!

If your chosen material is dissectible, you can dissect it into parts and pieces! For example, a paper bag is one of those items that students dissect in this lesson.
If your chosen item is a candy, eat it and give a comment like a TV reporter!☆
Once you dissect your chosen item, you can stick some dissected parts to your drawing paper with glue. And…done!

【What to Prepare】
・Paper bags
☆Any candies that you favor, and anything else that would be good to observe in this lesson!
・Pencils (use both during the observation and drawing)
・A set of colored pencils, or a set of paint; red, yellow, and blue are sufficient.
・A sheet of drawing paper. (A4-sized or bigger)
・A roll of scotch-tape, a pair of scissors, sharpies, and etc.

【Applicable to】

Preschoolers ~ Middle school students
(But not exclusive.) Any children who show their interests in the goods in their surroundings will enjoy this lesson♪

Of course, high school students and adults are also welcome to take this lesson!

I am looking forward to seeing you.♫


【 Cafetalk Translation / January 2019 】
Material: Original Material

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