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【For Kids】Draw a Color Wheel!

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tutor_image Sachi Ikeda
Art for kids

Using the three primary colors; red, blue, and yellow, we can make any colors. How many colors can you make by mixing different colors?

There are many different colors in a paint box.

Do you know to make various colors by mixing only primary colors?

Did you know that you can make almost all of the colors you see in your paint box?
You will like secondary and tertiary colors that you create in this lesson, much better than those premade colors in a box! ♫

You can even make a color that is not in your paint box once you know mixing what colors will create what color! ★


◉Make a color wheel using primary colors.◉

・First, experiment with paints. Mixing which primary colors will make what secondary colors?


・After finished making major colors, observe what colors are used in what objects around you. Which colors do you find in your surroundings?

Finally, give your own name to each color you made!

(Look close to the colors that you put on your color wheel and imagine what you want to call that color! You can name the color based on the same color that you see in your house, for example, “color of the rose stem grow in my garden” can be a name of your own light green.

☆Welcome students who are interested in watercolor☆ 
・Any colors you see in your surroundings can be made by mixing those three primary colors.

【Things to Prepare】

・Three watercolor paints; red, blue, and yellow. (Elementary school and preschool students can bring what they currently use in classrooms.)

・A palette

・A painting brush

・A bucket filled with water to wash your brush (If you do not have any, a plastic bottle or a jar would be a good alternative.)

・Cleaning cloth (to absorb the extra water the brush holds, or to wipe the table. A pile of tissue paper or a roll of kitchen paper would be a good alternative.)

・A sheet of drawing paper (A4-sized, approximately)


※Mixing the primary colors, we can make any colors except black and white. If we finished the content written above (see【Procedure】) early, we can practice reproducing a specific color which you see in your surroundings.


【Lesson Applicable to】

Preschoolers and primary school children.♪

I am excited to see you in my lesson! ☺


【 Cafetalk Translation / January 2019 】
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