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Professional Vocal Lesson♪ [Beginners]

60 Mins P 4,200 Trial 30 Mins P 0
tutor_image Yukina Kita

How to sing without hurting your vocal code? From the basic exercise to the song practice, let’s have fun in this lesson!

Do you want to make your voice carry far?
Do you want  to sing louder?
Do you want to sing with high pitch?
Like singing but no confidence to sing...

Every one has worries about singing.
Do you try to make your vocal codes to do some thing because you don't know how to improve them?

If you learn how to use your body when you sing, 
your voice will be more relaxed and more beautiful!

We can't sing without breath.
Then, do you know how to use your body when you breathe?
Without the knowledge, you might hurt your throat!

I'm professional singer in Japan.
I can tell you the secrets how to use your body when you sing!

English OK!
Everyone is welcome!

*I can give lessons off-hours, especially you can't manage the lesson time because of time difference.
Please feel free to send me the message.

I'm lookig forward to working with you!

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