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Spiritual Readings

30 Mins P 5,000
tutor_image Ikuko.M

Discover the bliss within your Soul

Ikuko.M works with the Spirit World as a Spirit Messenger. Inviting your loved one in the Spirit World to join her, Ikuko will provide information about their life, as well as details of shared memories, which you will then be able to validate. These memories and information form a body of evidence confirming the continued existence of your loved ones at your side, providing you with support, love and guidance.

Ikuko will also connect with your Spirit Guides and her own Spirit Team to bring you a holistic view of your life from those who support you in the Spirit World. These Guides often offer advice or deliver messages regarding the issues and situations you’re currently experiencing, helping you to find meaning and direction in your life.

Ikuko's aim is to support you with empathy and compassion while focusing on healing and a strong connection to Spirit.

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