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Kid's Comprehensible Sketching Class

40 Mins P 2,000 Trial 25 Mins P 1000
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Art for kids

Hello! This is a comprehensible sketching class to your children with growing art interest. We will cover the basic of sketching until they can independently draw on their own soon. ;)

This class is composed of a few units with several sections for beginners and a more challenging set of lessons for intermediate levels. We will cover the comprehensible basics such as the 7 elements of Arts, Principle of Designs and so on. I provide easy drawing challenges that will engage our young learners to independently work on their own drawings soon.

Not to mention, I offer several motivation coupons for the hardwork you'll be giving to my drawing class. Take advantage of it and track down their progress. Book your Kid's Basic Sketching Class and let's get them started with fun drawing challenges!

Let's wake up the artistic side of your kids and introduce them to the Art of Seeing and the Basic of Sketching.

All the best,

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