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"Short English Compositions" or "Reading Aloud"

30 Mins P 1,400
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Convert your thoughts from Japanese to English or receive training in reading aloud! You can take this lesson from your smart phone or tablet.

You need to train every day in order to cultivate the ability to convert from Japanese to English. Reading aloud is an indispensable training method that should be implemented from the age of 5.                  

      However, doing it on your own is difficult. 
      Even if you use a CD, it may not match your pace
               and it's too tiring to do it for long periods of time.                        

I will help you overcome those hurdles!

The instant English compositions will start from middle school level content and at the end, we will connect sentences and you will steadily develop the ability to say whatever you want. 

The reading aloud section will be thorough and full of repetition.

We will work on your pronunciation, accent, intonation, and grammar. But the most important thing is your desire to communicate!

Challenge yourself in this short amount of time!

≪After learning English grammar, you will create short compositions, and then read them aloud.≫   

           Try from your smartphone or tablet! 
              Feel free to make a request!

★It is up to you whether you feel it is necessary to buy the book or not.

★There are 5 books in the series. We will use whichever one fits you best.

★Let's decide your level in reading aloud after a consultation.

★If you would like, this course can be arranged into a grammar lesson. Please note that in that case the lesson will be 25 minutes long.

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