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Spanish for beginners and intermediates (60 min)

60 Mins P 1,500
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Spanish Good for beginners Grammar Vocabulary

Spanish starting from zero with planned exercises. Learn how to introduce yourself and basic expressions. If you need more, also this lesson is for you, we can continue working until you get an advanced level.

This class is designed for people who want to learn Spanish from a basic or intermediate level. We can learn as much as you want in a fun and practical way.

Do not worry about the materials. To take the class with me you do not need to buy books, I will give you all the materials to work with. Also, I like to customize the presentations for each student.

In the first lesson, I will review your level with a very simple test. Based on the results I will make a special program for you.

You can take this class whenever you want. I recommend taking the minimum class once a week to be able to advance properly. However, there is no problem if your availability is limited.


I will be happy to meet you. I hope to see you in class.

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