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Get Ready for the Interview

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English Business Job Interview Prep Interview Prep (for school or applications) Pronunciation

In this lesson, we'll get you ready and prepared for the upcoming interviews!

As it is a globalized society, many companies nowadays are looking for staff who can speak English. Some companies even made their official language inside the office English. Are you prepared for that? In this lesson, we'll prepare you for the interviews and we'll go through some important aspects during the interview such as self-introduction and cover the possible questions that might appear in the interview. Afterwards, we'll discuss and modify the responses to have you better prepped for the interview.


在這個國際化的社會中, 越來越多公司都傾向雇用會說英語的員工。有些公司甚至會要求員工在公司裡的時候說英語。現在有許多公司都會加上英語面試這個環節。在這項課程裡, 我們將從自我介紹, 如何有效回答面試官的題目和一些面試時的注意事項。 


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