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"SPEEDY" reply drill!

30 Mins P 1,500 Trial 10 Mins P 500
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Speak Smooth & Fast

This lesson is for any level. It's a fun way to improve your response time! Lesson Description:

  • First Round, I will ask you to answer a set of simple questions. These are typical questions an English speaking foreigner visiting Japan would likely ask. You make your answer with three (3) sentences.  I will time you.

  • I will then make some suggestions for improvement ...and

  • Second Round, I will ask you the same question(s), whereby you can challenge yourself to use my suggestion(s) and improve your time!  

Some Example Questions:

1. What excites you about the 2020 Olympics coming to Japan?

2. What do you think all visiting tourists should see or do in Japan?

3. What food should foreigners try while visiting Japan?

Great for listening & effective to improve your repsonse time.

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