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Fun Chat (Free Talk)

30 Mins P 1,500
tutor_image Kebii
English Good for beginners Pronunciation Listening Vocabulary

Feeling tired or stressed? Want to take a break from your busy life? If you're looking for someone fun to talk to, this is the one for YOU! You can talk about anything you want!

This is a lesson for anyone that wants to practice English! Here, we can talk about anything YOU want! Come and enjoy chatting in a very relaxed and positive atmosphere! (*You can prepare some coffee or tea to make you feel more relaxed!)


這是一個練習英語的好機會! 在這裡, 您可以暢所欲言, 聊您想聊的內容! (*您也可以準備咖啡或茶, 這樣或許能更放鬆哦!)


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