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Topical Conversation

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Japanese Pronunciation Speaking General Discussion

Pick a topic from the list of 18, including travel, life, news... and etc. Let's have fun talking about it!

(Please note that this profile has been translated by Cafetalk for easier understanding. The tutor doesn't speak English.)

Level: Lower-intermediate and above

Lesson Content: Have a free conversation about the topic you chose from a list of 18 topics. You can choose the same topic as many times as you want. I sometimes assign you to make a sentence. 

List of topics

1. Self-introduction 

2. Your favorite food

3. Shopping

4. Your favorite place

5. Travel plans and experiences

6. Describe a person (Your family member, friend, a famous person, etc.)

7. How was your day?

8. Recent news

9. Difference between your country and other countries

10. Health

11. Job Experiences

12. Job Hunting (Interviews and resume preparation, etc.)

13. Your worries

14. Your childhood memory

15. What made you happy recently?

16. Your experience of failure

17. TV shows, movies, and comics (Tell me about what the story was like!)

18. Any other topics that you would like to share with me! :)

Cafetalk Translation July 2018

Material: Flexible

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