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English for Nurses (Patient Scenarios: Encounters and Interviews)

60 Mins P 2,000
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English Industry-specific Medical Roleplaying

a customized course of lessons

This is a customized lesson for a specific student-client who works as a registered nurse. In this course, we aim to improve communication skills by way of simulated encounters between a nurse and a patient, focusing on functional vocabulary, simplified medical jargon (i.e. medical jargon explained in layman's terms) and a variety of medical cases. Role-play activities involve interviewing patients with a wide range of ailments and complaints and addressing needs arising from everyday situations at hospitals/clinics. Common medical conditions are tackled but rare cases may also be chosen upon request.

Resources include references (e.g. Bloomsbury's Dictionary of Nursing) and textbooks by Springer (Wittman-Price and Thompson) and McGraw Hill (Le et al)

*The session may exceed 60 minutes depending on the student's availability and the schedule for the day. 
Material: Flexible

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