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30 minute conversation with feedback

30 Mins P 1,500
tutor_image Justine

Let's chat about anything that you would like to speak about. Please feel free to send me some topics that you would l like to discuss before the lesson!

This lesson is for those who have a certain topic that they would like to speak about and have a basic understanding of the English language. This lesson is perfect for those looking to improve their conversational abilities.

Examples of topics we can discuss are:

  • Current affairs (news)

  • Popular culture (K-pop, J-pop, Western pop culture)

  • Travel

  • Sports

To help you improve your English ability, I will be recording our conversation and then provide feedback on how to improve pronounciation or grammar when speaking.

I am very confident that we will have a great conversation to help you enhance your English abilities.
Material: Flexible

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