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Chat about Parenting Experiences 50 minutes

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"I do not feel comfortable talking about this issue to someone close to me." "How could I get this off my chest?" This feeling I had, for last ten years -- have you ever felt the same way? Then, this lesson is for you to lift you up!

I am a mother of two elementary school children. Mothers' worries and questions about parents never end. Have you ever wished that you could just speak out your worries to a stranger, whom you just came across in your daily life? Let's have a talk like that. 

Parents never get a day off from taking care of children, I totally get it! While this lesson, while we are talking, you can hold your baby in your arms. Or, I do not mind if your small children make some noises around the computer, not at all! 


※日本語習得(にほんご しゅうとく)のためのレッスンではありません。 This is not a lesson for Japanese language learners.
For Japanese language learners, please refer to the lesson named Mothers and Japanese

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